Prior to Thirlmere becoming a reservoir, this area was occupied by two smaller lakes, Leatheswater and Brackmere. This area was bought by the Manchester Corporation Water Works in 1879. A dam was built at the north end, the water level was raised by fifty four feet and the old village of Wythborn was dismantled and flooded to make way for this reservoir. Evidence of this lost village can be seen during the drought seasons.

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Lake: Thirlmere
Location: Cumbria, England
Coordinates: 54° 32′ 0″ N, 3° 4′ 0″ W
Max length: 3.75 mi (6.05 km)
Max width: 0.11 mi (0.18 km)
Surface area: 1.27 mi² (3.25 km²)
Max depth: 131 ft (40 m)
Height above sea level: 584 ft (178 m)
Islands: 2
Nearest village(s): Watendlath, Keswick, Grasmere

This was all due to the increased demand for water by the growth of the industrial city of Manchester. This reservoir then fed water to Manchester via the Thirlmere Aqueduct, which is approximately one hundred miles long.

This reservoir is now approximately five and a half miles long, half a mile wide and approximately one hundred and sixty feet deep and is owned and managed, along with the surrounding forested valley, by United Utilities.

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