Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere, one of the most well known English Lakes, the largest natural lake in the UK, approximatly 10.5 miles in length and around a mile wide, the deepest part is around 225 feet deep depending on the water level and time of year. During the winter months the water level can cover the piers and promenade at Bowness bay.

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Lake: Windermere
Location: Cumbria, England
Coordinates: 54° 21′ 30″ N, 2° 56′ 10″ W
Max length: 11 mi (17 km) Max width: 1.2 mi (2 km)
Surface area: 5.7 mi² (14.7 km²)
Max depth: 220 ft (67 m)
Height above sea level: 130 ft (40 m)
Islands: 18
Nearest village(s): Bowness, Windermere Ambleside

Did you know – although most visitors refer to this body of water as ‘Lake’ Windermere it’s proper name is just Windermere as it’s not a lake it’s a mere, some say it’s so people don’t get mixed up with Windermere village. The name of the company that operates boat trips on Windermere includes the word Lake also, Windermere Lake Cruises


From the Southern most end of Lake Windermere at Newby Bridge, the first pier is Lakeside on the Western side, home to the Lakes Aquarium and served by the Haverthwaite Steam Railway which runs between Haverthwaite and Lakeside.

About 5 miles up Lake Windermere heading North, Bowness Bay at Bowness on Windermere on the Eastern side, probably the largest and busiest pier. The piers are sheltered in Bowness Bay by Belle Isle, the largest Island on Lake Windermere.

Brockhole visitor centre has a small pier for the smaller launches to pick up and drop off visitors who wish to vist the centre. The pier at Brockhole is on the Eastern shoreline.

Waterhead is the last stop at the Northern end, probably the second busiest of the piers, Waterhead is known as the Ambleside end of Lake Windermere.


Yachts are now the main proportion of floating craft on Lake Windermere, in 2005 a 10 MPH speed limit was imposed which has seen a decline in motorised craft especially speed boats with water skiers. Rowing boats populate the lake during the summer months as well as motorised hire craft, limited to around 8 MPH.


Next to Windermere car ferry is Windermere Marina the largest inland marina in Northern England, the marina provides safe mooring for over 400 boats.


Windermere Lake Cruises operate a fleet of traditional launches as well as some modern ones, they also operate steamers which ferry visitors around the lake, they provide a choice of cruises from normal day to day transportation cruises to evening and function cruises. Lake Windermere is the only lake with a car ferry known as Windermere car ferry

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