Hardknott Roman Fort

Hardknott Roman Fort, or Hardknott Castle as it is shown on maps, is situated on the Eskdale end of Hardknott Pass in the Lake District, was a Roman fort known as Mediobogdum. This fort, which has lovely views over the River Esk in both upper and lower Eskdale, was built between AD120 and 138 along the road between the forts of Galava in Ambleside and Glannoventa in Ravenglass.

During the mid 2nd century this fort was abandoned during the Antonine advance into Scotland. However, this fort was reoccupied c AD200 and continued in use until the last years of the 4th century. This fort, which is on land that is owned by the National Trust forms part of the Trust’s Wasdale, Eskdale and Duddon property and is maintained by English Heritage. There are interpretative panels at various points and printed guides are available from local information centres or bookshops.

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