Elterwater Village

Elterwater Village, which sits at the head of the Great Langdale and Little Langdale valleys, is situated approximately one mile away from the lake of the same name, Elterwater, with the spectacular view of the rugged Langdale Pikes in the background.

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Village: Elterwater Village

OS grid ref: NY325045

Coordinates: 54° 25′ 53″ N, 3° 02′ 31″ W

Nearest lake/tarn: Elterwater

Nearest mountain/fell: Langdale Pikes

By Rob Bendall(For more information, see my userpage…), Attribution, Link

At the centre of this picturesque village is a village green, this is surrounded by a few shops and an old inn. During the summer months this village green can become very busy. However, it was the quarrying of slate that led this village to flourish. The Kirkstone Green Slate Quarries can be found at the nearby village of Skelwith Bridge.

One of the ingredients in producing gunpowder is charcoal made from juniper. This village, which was once a centre for charcoal burning, had a gunpowder works which operated well into the 1920’s. Two other ingredients needed to produce gunpowder was saltpetre and sulphur – both of which were brought in by rail to Windermere and then transported to the village.

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