Brothers Water

By Mick KnaptonCC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Brothers Water, or Broad Water as it was originally named, is a small lake in the Hartsop valley in the eastern region of The Lakes in Cumbria. This lake, which lies at the northern end of Kirkstone Pass with wonderful views on the descent to Patterdale, had it’s name changed during the 19th century when two brothers drowned. Previously, around 1875, two brothers had also drowned whilst ice skating on the lake. Dorothy Wordsworth, who was fond of this lake, stated “It is remarkable that two pairs of brothers have been drowned in that lake.”

The village of Hartsop, which is to the north east of Brothers Water, has several 17th century stone cottages and farm buldings. There is a walk which passes through woodland on the it’s western shore, however, from it’s northern end the walk leads to Patterdale and from it’s south end it leads over Kirkstone Pass to Ambleside. This lake can be classified in two ways: one of the Lake District’s smallest lakes or one of it’s largest tarns.

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